12th November 2021

I thank You for You are great.

Father in heaven, I thank You for You are great, You are my Lord, You are above all God’s.( psm.135;5) Lord enable me to be blessing always. I praise You, that You has called me to bless others. I thank You for in You Lord I am a blessed person. May I be blessing others that I may inherit blessing. ( 1pet.3;9) Not rendering evil for evil or revilling for revilling, but on the contrary blessing one another, because you were called to this, that you might inherit blessing. May I not be terrified and troubled by the persecutor. In suffering and persecution may I be able to show others that I have Christ as Lord within me. May I always sanctify You, separate You from other gods. I thank You for the living hope of the inheritance of eternal life. ” But sanctify Christ as Lord in your heart, being always ready for a defence to everyone who asks of you on account concerning the hope which is in you. ( 1pet.3;15).