30th June 2021


  1. For Jehovah is a great God, And a great king above all gods ( psm.95;3) Jehovah You are as Christ, a great king who possesses the earth. Jehovah reigns! Let the earth be glad; Let the many islands rejoice ( psm.97:1) Jehovah as Christ will reign, and because of this the earth will be glad and rejoice. Amen.” The earth bears fruit by itself, first a blade, then an ear, then full grain in the ear. ( mark.4;28) Change my heart O God, make it ever new, make it good, You are God that created my heart. May Your divine life grow in me. Make my good heart works together with the seed of the divine life sown into it. Allow the seed to grow and bear fruit for Your expression. Enable me to have faith in Your growth O Lord I pray. Amen.