9th February 2021


So Moses cut two tablets of stone like the first ones.Then Moses rose up early in the morning and went up to Mount Sinai, just as Jehovah had commanded him; and he took two tablets of stone in his hand. ( exo.34:4) Father in heaven, You are the Most High God. You were here before the world began. I worship You. Meeting with You in the morning or with You early in the day is not enough. Enables me to meet with You in a situation that is full of light.” But the path of the righteous is like the light of the dawn, which shines brighter and brighter until the full day.( prov.4:18) Make me like Moses to meet You alone without any persons, matters, or things to distract or occupy me.” And no one shall come up with you, nor let anyone be seen anywhere on the mountain, nor let the flocks or herds graze in front of that mountain. ( exo.34:3).