29th January 2021



He lifted me up, from the miry clay,
He planted my feet on the king’s highway
And that’s the reason why, I sing and shout
My Jesus came down down down and lifted me up up up.

1. Father Lord, I just want to thank You this morning because your name is a Way Maker, a Strong Tower of Refuge, myself Strength, my Provider, my Deliverer, my Justifier, Wonder working God, You are excellent and perfect in your ways. Ancient of days, I exalt and magnify your Holy Name for You are goodl and your mercy endures forever. Lord, You are worthy to receive all the glory, honour and adoration. Thank You Jesus.
2. Lord Jesus, destroy by your mercy, anything whatsoever that want to hinder my prayers this morning in Jesus Name.
3. Blood of Jesus, nullify every evil dream waiting to manifest today in any area of my life and family in Jesus Name.
4. Father Lord, by your mercy today, let every evil door shut against my help and favour be, opened by Fire in Jesus Name.
5. Job 20:15. “He hath swallowed down riches, and he shall vomit them up again: God shall cast them out of his belly”. Father Lord, according to your word, I pray, let all my blessings that has been swallowed up by my household enemies be vomitted by fire. I receive divine breakthrough and favour in Jesus Name.
6. Father, today, wherever my name and that of any member of my family shall be mentioned for evil, Holy Ghost Fire answer them in Jesus Name.
7. Father, I pray in your mercy, watch over all the front line workers, look after their families, heal the sick and comfort those families mourning their loved ones in Jesus Name.
I cover my prayers with the precious Blood of Jesus.