8th March 2021


March our “Month of Celebration of God’s Presence. (Exodus 33:14)

Scripture: Psalm 14, Psalm 5:11-12, Psalm 149:6-9, Psalm 46, 91
Song. To God be the glory

Have you this morning greeted the Trinity (the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit) separately? Please pause and greet them Worship and Praise them. Confess and repent from all your sins. Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour (Romans 10:10) NOW!

Prayer Points the Day:-

1. Every battle at the edge of my breakthrough, disappear in Jesus name.
2. Every power waiting to celebrate my obituary, you are liar, die your death in the name of Jesus
3. Any sickness in my body assigned to limit or
Kill me die in the name of Jesus.
4. Powers blocking my progress you are a liar, die by fir in Jesus name.
5. Closed Heavens over my head open by fire in Jesus name. 7ce
6. Arrows of the known and unknown enemies against my life and my family begin to hit your senders in Jesus name
7. Arrows of sorrow turn back to your senders in Jesus name
8. Witchcraft forces gathering against my family and my life begin to kill yourselves in Jesus name.

Confession for the Day:- I fire back every sent arrow of infirmity against my life in Jesus name. 7ce.

It is settled 3ce in Jesus name. (Amen. 7ce)

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